Port Elizabeth Musical and Dramatic Society

Since 1942

The Port Elizabeth Musical and Dramatic Society (PEMADS) is one of the longest standing amateur dramatic societies in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

PEMADS was established in 1946 and by 1970 had more than 3000 members. The Little Theatre, home to PEMADS, is used several times a year for PEMADS productions. The venue is also available for hire to other societies, schools or individuals wishing to make use of our theatre and facilities. The Society and Theatre is currently managed by a committee. 

The Athenaeum was founded in the 1850s to promote cultural activities and, after various other uses, again become a centre for cultural as well as social activities. After the Second World War, the Port Elizabeth Musical and Dramatic Society rented and enlarged the Loubser Hall extension, which is now called the Little Theatre. The building was declared a national monument in 1980. In recent years the Athenaeum Building underwent a series of renovations, and now boasts a beautiful art gallery space.

In 2012 a full scale renovation for this beloved Little Theatre was done and it now has a complete new look with much upgraded facilities. This has allowed us to produce some major shows of a high technical standard. 

Annual Awards
PEMADS hosts the annual 12th night awards each year. Traditionally it was always held on the 6th of January (12 days after Christmas). More recently, however, it has been moved to later in January as many people are only returning from their holidays around the 6th of January so we found the occasion was not well supported so early in the month. With this event they award and acknowledge performers who have participated in productions of the preceding year.