Steel Magnolias


It's been 30 years since Steel Magnolias, the play that inspired the iconic film in 1989 (starring Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Darryl Hannah and a young Julia Roberts) by the same name, opened off-Broadway. The story is based on the personal experiences of playwright, Robert Harling, who grew up in Natchitoches, Louisiana, with two younger siblings. He wrote the play after his sister, Susan, died from complications of Type 1 diabetes.
At its heart it is about the bond a group of women share in a small-town Southern community, and how they cope with the death of one of their own. Hilarious and touching this play for 6 women is set in a beauty salon, Truvy’s hairdressing salon.  Clairee, Ouiser and M’Lynn make up the regulars. Shelby, M'Lynn’s daughter (it is her wedding day at the start of the play) and Annelle, the new, eager, inexperienced assistant, engage in small town gossip, running the gamut of the birth/marriage/death cycle. It is heartwarming and ultimately about support and the bonds of friendship.

Directed by - Lesley Barnard

Written by - Robert Harling

Previously staged by Pemads back in 1995 when Lesley Barnard played Truvy.
The cast:

Kerry Allen - Truvy the owner of the beauty salon,

Gemma Alicia Barnard - Annelle

Yolande Farrow - Clairee, the one-time mayors wife,

Kasvia von Memerty - Shelby, the bride to be,

Vanessa Smith - M’Lynn, Shelby’s mother,

Robin Williams - the irascible Ouiser

Rapunzel, A Tangled Mess


It’s the age old story of Rapunzel, the first born daughter to the king and Queen, in exchange for eating the witch Gothel’s magic plant. This tale unfolds into a delightful romp centered around the palace cook and her sons, and abetted by two silly girls madly in love with the oldest son going in search of the kidnapped Rapunzel. They wander around the forest for 16 long years in search of her and meets up with the fairy, Dewdrop, who resolves to find a way through the magic circle and chaos pursues.

Writted and Directed by Leslie Speyers
Musical Director - Richard Campbell

Choreographer - Sian-Beth Hitchner 


Megan Calder - Rapunzel
Sandi Osborne - The Queen
Rob Andrews - The King
David Jordaan - Cookie
Matthew Hamilton - Jethro
Daniel Hamilton - Bowie
Kerry-Lee Jeffrey - Violet
Charlize Visser - Ivy
Abigail Nel - Maud
Abi Ranwell - Dewdrop
Sian-Beth Hitchner - The Fallen Fairy
Nizaan Henning - Gothel